Multi-National Financial Services and Self-Improvement Powerhouse

Malcolm “MJ” Harris is an internationally recognized financial services CEO and motivational success teacher who has consistently beaten the odds to achieve extraordinary success. MJ’s rise began when he started an insurance agency – at his dining room table as a side business – while working as a Management Consultant for a “Big 4” firm. Through sharing his story with the world on social media about overcoming personal and financial trials, the business quickly grew into a multi-national financial services and self-improvement powerhouse.

“I started out as a consultant. I didn’t like doing what I was doing. I eventually came into the financial services industry where we help people create the financial future they want for themselves or for their families or loved ones, or anyone who’s connected to them. It was so ironic that I was helping these folks create a better financial future for themselves but all the while I was making decisions that were not benefiting me financially.”

During our talk, Malcolm explains how implementing certain technologies helped his business grow by over 400% within a year.


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Software: Hubspot CRM

Clarity Flower CP#07 – Relationships Management System