I was tagged in a comment of someone looking for a web designer.  Below is my take.  Here is the original conversation.  You may or may not be able to see the original conversation depending on how it was shared. ~alorrinda


QUESTION:  “Any one know of a dope, credible website designer? I’m looking to launch a newer and improved one!”

ANSWER #1: I wish you had asked when I still lived out there. Most of the ones I knew have moved out of state since then lol. I am a novice so I myself don’t count unfortunately. I’ll keep my eyes out for one though

alorrinda:  If the person is a dope, credible (read responsible) designer.  Where they live in the world will not matter.  Especially if they are using project management tools (like Asana), a documented design process, and good collaboration platform (like Google Drive).

COMMENT #1: “Well let’s keep it in the family and friends circle!”

alorrinda: This owner is absolutely on track here.  If you know someone or know someone that knows someone, that is usually a better place to spend your money because you will build rapport and get brownie points that may come in handy when you’re selling and marketing your own stuff.

ANSWER #2:  “I don’t design but have a team of throwed talented true to their word and work artists that can get you online quickly. Www.veritris.com

alorrinda: First, ‘throwed’ talent must be a good kind of talent because the person is marketing for the team. But one site said that throwed means “Houston slang, for being wasted, high, or both”  …ummm – We’re gonna go with the when I say it’s “bad” I mean it’s “good” kind of meaning for that one… lol —because I just learned that term just now and I don’t want to assign meaning that wasn’t intended.  Now isn’t that what happened with ebonics?  My feeling about it was that if the two people who are in the ebonic-laced conversation clearly and completely understand each other, why do I care if the English is different than what I prefer and use?  The problem comes in when you talk to someone that is not ebonically (yep, made that word up) educated.  See right there?  That is a perfect example of what I mean.  You understood that new word because of its context and usage.  Outside of this rant?  Not to much.  When ebonics is spoken to someone that doesn’t understand it, your communication is not received well and understood.  If that is going to happen, why bother talking to them because they have no clue what you’re talking about anyway.  The only issue is that if you only know how to communicate in one way, the number of people that can understand you when you speak is limited.  

ANSWER #3:  Lorrinda Stewart Michieka my aunt is outta Raleigh area but she can prolly work it out for you.

alorrinda:  Sharlena – Thx for the shout out sweetie.Courtney – So glad you found someone! I mostly just give away free website advice these days… but can whip one out if I must. I’ve been doing it over 20 years and I am a Certified Project Manager. A true web designer will focus on how your website looks (dope or not dope). A web developer will focus on what your website does (payments, capture customer data, photo galleries, blogs, forums, help desk… you get the idea). A web marketer will focus on driving traffic to the site. (how to get eyeballs looking at whatever dope stuff is there to see.). My mentorMyron Golden says that the most important business skill is selling and the most important business function is marketing; so in my mind I would focus on how you will use the website for sales (provided that’s what your site needs to do), then marketing, then how it looks. Mega rich Warren Buffet’s website is one of the ugliest around, but it is completely functional and accomplishes its business function wonderfully.http://www.berkshirehathaway.com/  Just my two cents 🙂 Blessings!!


I just love this stuff…  the web is a wonderful tool; just begin with the end in mind.  My book The Silver Bullet Business Model gives some dope ways of using the web for business.

Another resource is my WordPress for Micropreneurs.  A short read, packed with insight; whether you’re hiring or doing it yourself.

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