By Lorrinda S Michieka  | Source: http://ow.ly/ZiXks

Watermarking is not exactly going to copy-protect your cherished photos that you want to show to the world but it sure adds that sense of ownership and a little bit of professional flavor. We know that watermarking on a software is pretty easy and fast and very professional (if you do it the right way) but not everyone is hanging around with their MacBooks.

For some of us, a quick solution is what we need. That is why you’re looking for watermark apps for the iPhone and that is precisely what we’ve got here.

The app store doesn’t have very many good watermarking apps for the iPhone. There are tons but I’m quite sure that a majority of them is simply mediocre or worse. But then, amidst the chaos, you find some really good ones.

  • iWatermark
  • Marksta
  • Impression
  • PhotoMarks
  • A+ Signature
  • PhotoMarkr


Read More: http://www.igeeksblog.com/iphone-apps-to-add-watermark-to-iphone-photos-almost-instantly/



"My first choice will be A+ Signature.  I choose that one because you can annotate  and draw stuff on the photo as well as add watermarks.  If that doesn't work out, my next choice will be PhotoMarks (with Marksta at a close second).  I like that this reviewer specifically mentioned the ease of use and high-quality of the rendered photos." ~facebook/alorrinda