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The Problem With Learning from YouTube Videos

DIY Raleigh Webmaster Class Register Now YOU CAN LEARN ANYTHING ON YOUTUBE Yep – ANYTHING! The only problem I’ve found over the years is that a one-off tutorial will not (cannot) teach you how to integrate that software or solution with the system that you are building (or have already built) to support your particular business model and marketing strategy. For example, my business model calls for a automated sales funnel. Well, for a long time PayPal didn’t even do recurring subscriptions and when I got ready to roll out that part of my plan, the features were not...

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Do This Every Time You Buy Software or Don’t Bother

Today was special. I finally upgraded to Snag-It 13. I was introduced to Snag-it 2012 when I worked with an international team of software developers for a fortune 500 company. Since then, every single computer that I have – MUST have Snag-it. I use it every single day, several times a day. This is a quick video to talk about the procedure you want to use when you buy software. Trust me, stuff happens. Last night, there was a huge fire 2 blocks from my studio and that could have very well been my place and all of its...

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Why We Switched from Lead Pages to Click Funnels

  Yep. We bit the dust for Leadpages ! 🙂   We now use Click Funnels. We also use Josh Ratta’s IGloo App for — for one-off pages when we don’t want to use one of the 100 pages that come with the $97 subscription of Click Funnels. One of the features that I loved most about Leadpages was the SMS Opt-in Codes & 1-Click Signup Links. Well, that is available on Click Funnels now so we saved an annual $588 by closing the Lead Pages account. Sweet! Igloo is a non-subscription (one time purchase) product that will...

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Publicize or Agonize

  Resources: – get media coverage – free data integrator to automate workflows – free email autoresponder – free CRM (Customer Relationship Manager) automates middle layer of your internet marketing business. – the three essential parts of a piece of marketing collateral – documented, repeatable and measurable business processes – build a scalable business Facebook ads Facebook content on personal and fan pages.   Great news!  This audio file is now a video. Enjoy.  ...

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