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Storage on Phone

    My iphone is full.  There are currently 8,480 photos, 72 favorites, 918 selfies, 576 videos, 44 bursts (whatever that is), and 1,856 screenshots.  I purchased some iCloud, but it’s full too and complaining that it can’t do backups anymore. Here my 30 second WTD (what to do) video and Doug’s slightly longer more detailed version:   This video had some really good tips...

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NC Commerce Listening

I’m not even kidding… the cutie UPS guy just makes my day… There are two regulars. I’ve never seen one of them smile (whisper a prayer) and the other one is bouncy and full of the spirit of joyful service. Maybe one day I can squeeze him into a selfie. I call him “brown.” ha ha… anyway, back to my assignment… WATCH WHAT HAPPENS IF YOU REPLACE THE WORD “community” WITH THE WORD “business” IN THE GOVENOR’s INVITATION BELOW. Just beautiful. My challenge (assignment) is to listen for resources and opportunities from the perspective of the character builder business...

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Chime In. Know Your Truth.

I get it. We all have different assignments. We are cut from different patterns. BUT we are all craftsmen weaving the parallel and intersecting strands of the fabric of our lives. Fighting for equality is not my thing. Tried it. Hated it. But thank God for those who did/do! Where oh where would we be without their sacrifices? Fighting for my (our) right and desire to make myself more effective and valuable in this world IS my thing. I’ve got inward parts that hate waste. To me, waste is a terrific indicator of being ungrateful. I’ve noticed that it...

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Website First Steps

  The first thing to do when deciding that you want to build a website is to purchase a domain name.  There are several places to buy a domain name,  but I have used for years.  Domain names are usually around $20 each; some much more and some much less. Next, decide where your website will be  hosted.  I like Hostgator for hosting, although I’ve worked on a few  client sites lately and GoDaddy’s hosting is showing a lot of promise.  Recently, I needed to install demo data for a premium WordPress theme and GoDaddy changed the ExecutionTimeout  property on...

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Steve Jobs Apple Timeline

  This timeline was created with the Ultimate Addon for Visual Composer.  Visual Composer is a WordPress plugin.  If some of the edges on the sample below are clipped, here is the original....

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