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Website First Steps

  The first thing to do when deciding that you want to build a website is to purchase a domain name.  There are several places to buy a domain name,  but I have used for years.  Domain names are usually around $20 each; some much more and some much less. Next, decide where your website will be  hosted.  I like Hostgator for hosting, although I’ve worked on a few  client sites lately and GoDaddy’s hosting is showing a lot of promise.  Recently, I needed to install demo data for a premium WordPress theme and GoDaddy changed the ExecutionTimeout  property on...

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Steve Jobs Apple Timeline

  This timeline was created with the Ultimate Addon for Visual Composer.  Visual Composer is a WordPress plugin.  If some of the edges on the sample below are clipped, here is the original....

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Millionaire Money CAN Cans

It’s the beginning of the second quarter and the preparation for my greatest greatness continues. One thing I did was re-read “From the Trash Man to the Cash Man” by Myron Golden. The 6 bank accounts are setup to implement the “I can if my cans say I can” money principle that he teaches in the book. He says that this principle is more important than making a million dollars a year and it is the first step AND the most important financial aspect of becoming a millionaire. Really? Wow. Now, of course I am skeptical. But I also...

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How to Increase Lifetime Earnings by 50%

  Love Notes... (the things we loved about this article) communicating with a solid level of clarity and confidence directly impacts their career and income leaders who are “highly effective” communicators had a 47 percent higher total returns to shareholders over the previous five years employers want colleges to place more emphasis on oral and written communication skills   50 percent increase in personal income over a lifetime for those with good speaking skills.   presentation coach   “I always saw my job as getting men to do what they didn’t want to do so they could achieve what they always...

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Add Watermark on Mobile Pics

  By Lorrinda S Michieka  | Source: Watermarking is not exactly going to copy-protect your cherished photos that you want to show to the world but it sure adds that sense of ownership and a little bit of professional flavor. We know that watermarking on a software is pretty easy and fast and very professional (if you do it the right way) but not everyone is hanging around with their MacBooks. For some of us, a quick solution is what we need. That is why you’re looking for watermark apps for the iPhone and that is precisely what we’ve...

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