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How to Make Gravity Forms Two Columns

These are instructions to make your form two columns. In the Custom CSS Class field of the field’s Appearance tab put gf_right_half and gf_left_half respectively.     Here are the CSS ready classes for Gravity Forms

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Make a Web App In 7 Minutes

Taught by Tinkernut Program a very simple web application using Google Apps Script platform (build web apps and automate tasks). Writing a web app is actually pretty simple when using the free tools that Google provides. Allows you to make web scripts that are primarily intended to Google docs spreadsheets, but you can also use this to make standalone web apps, which is what this tutorial is. The nice thing about Javascript is that it has a lot of Math objects built into it. Javascript Math Reference – Javascript tutorial – Here is the Tinkernut programming...

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Free Vision Diary

  I created the Vision Diary because I needed it (just like it is) and could not find it anywhere. Just print it double-sided, then cut 1.25″ from the left side and 3-hole punch. Next cut .75″ from the bottom and add your own tabs and dividers. Text the word VISION to 44222 and it will be emailed to you INSTANTLY     If you don’t feel like printing, cutting and putting the diary together. We’ll do it for you for $20. If you scan this QR code with the ScanLife app … well any scan app for that matter,...

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lol – live out loud

There are people who celebrate with you and want the best for you. THEN there are haters and those that rather you silent and invisible. Errr… I don’t like cooked apples. But that doesn’t mean the people that do are stupid. Our differences and preferences create jobs and opportunities for us to provide value to each other. I’m so happy the guy who likes cutting grass is built that way and I am happy to exchange value with him. Some value certificates (money) for his valuable service (cutting grass). It would make me unhappy to have to do it...

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Plan to Win

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