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Digital Manufacturing

This is my commentary of an article I found (curated)… a “curatary” – yep made that word up. 🙂 Source: The Cricut Explorer has shipped!  I was simply blown away with how amazing it is…  I was thinking… what if somebody created a “digital manufacturing” studio which includes Dremel hand tools, the Brother Scan & Print and their sewing/embroidery combo machine, a 3D printer and everything Cricut and Silhouette makes (except the Cameo). I love to THINK stuff and CREATE stuff.  Time spent thinking or creating gives me a rush of fresh joy EVERY time.  I believe that “in the...

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You’re In! Model Call

            Model Call August 29, 2015 at the Junior League of Raleigh at noon. Register at  Model Call August 29, 2015 at the Junior League of Raleigh at noon. Register at   Model Call August 29, 2015 at the Junior League of Raleigh at noon. Register at...

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White Space Gives Web Elements Room to Breath

In Web design, white space, or negative space, makes the difference between an ordered layout that’s easy to comprehend, and a chaotic, cluttered mess. Buttons, links, text, and other media all need room to breath. The spacing between them improves the overall composition and is often seen as a “big picture” concept. Full article:...

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A Dope Credible Website Designer

I was tagged in a comment of someone looking for a web designer.  Below is my take.  Here is the original conversation.  You may or may not be able to see the original conversation depending on how it was shared. ~alorrinda ### QUESTION:  “Any one know of a dope, credible website designer? I’m looking to launch a newer and improved one!” ANSWER #1: I wish you had asked when I still lived out there. Most of the ones I knew have moved out of state since then lol. I am a novice so I myself don’t count unfortunately. I’ll keep...

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Junior League Dream Work Team

  Three days into the new fiscal year; with a brand new President…  I declare today as “clarity” day for the staff at the Junior League of Raleigh! Without warning or planning, all staff showed up in matching attire.  I noticed this immediately and started yelping, “Yipee!!  Today is the day of clarity!”  I got the normal what-the-heck-is-she-talking-about-now looks, but those looks and thoughts are completely normal and completely expected.  I accept the charge that my first thoughts are not what happened and who did it.  My first thoughts are how did it happen and how not to do...

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Plan to Win

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