This is my commentary of an article I found (curated)… a “curatary” – yep made that word up. ūüôā
Source: http://www.mckinsey.com/insights/operations/digital_manufacturing_the_revolution_will_be_virtualized

The Cricut Explorer has shipped! ¬†I was simply blown away with how amazing it is… ¬†I was thinking… what if somebody created a “digital manufacturing” studio which includes Dremel hand tools, the Brother Scan & Print and their sewing/embroidery combo machine, a 3D printer and everything Cricut and Silhouette makes (except the Cameo). I love to THINK stuff and CREATE stuff. ¬†Time spent thinking or creating gives me¬†a rush of fresh joy EVERY time. ¬†I believe that “in the beginning God created,” and we should be creative until we end. ¬†Period.

I did a search to see if I was calling this studio by a proper name or I just made something up… which I do ALL the time. ¬†Turns out, there is such a thing and this article captured my attention. ¬†It has some key points that I think small business owners should ponder as you define and refine the value we¬†bring to the marketplace. ¬†All the stuff in yellow or red is my commentary. ¬†~alorrinda


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