There are people who celebrate with you and want the best for you. THEN there are haters and those that rather you silent and invisible.

Errr… I don’t like cooked apples. But that doesn’t mean the people that do are stupid. Our differences and preferences create jobs and opportunities for us to provide value to each other. I’m so happy the guy who likes cutting grass is built that way and I am happy to exchange value with him. Some value certificates (money) for his valuable service (cutting grass). It would make me unhappy to have to do it myself. I don’t like it. 🙁 …growing beautiful, healthy green plants that you are not planning to eat feels like a waste of time in my world. It is just not my thing.

Eve gave up all that she had for the one thing she didn’t have. Puff your chest out with gratitude and get in where you fit in. Some are warriors and fight the powers that be for equality and justice. Sounds like stress and a lot of yelling. Hmmm… not my thing either. I am an ADVAN-tist and cross on the line of using what we already have and cultivating the field we are in to its potential. It is ever fascinating discovering the stuff that God has placed inside and around us. In fact, that is how I look at many professions. The doctors are ever discovering the mind of God when he made our bodies work the way it does and call it medicine. They are “practicing” because it is like a game of chance to see which pill, potion or lotion will work with your unique image of God. Oceanographers study the part of God’s mind that made the oceans. Entomologist study the part of God’s mind that made insects. Trichologists study the part of God’s mind that made hair, etc.

What in dust (we were created from) would so many of us do all day if God’s ways were our ways and His thoughts were our thoughts. I suppose we would not need faith because we would know it ALL already. I believe that it is our individuality that makes us suited for one kind of food or another; one kind of career or another; one kind of happy or another; one kind of value or another. Design your happy. Hang where you’re celebrated instead of where you’re tolerated; espcially if you’re the kind of you that likes that sort of thing. 🙂 Have YOUR happy! ~lorrinda