It’s the beginning of the second quarter and the preparation for my greatest greatness continues.
One thing I did was re-read “From the Trash Man to the Cash Man” by Myron Golden. The 6 bank accounts are setup to implement the “I can if my cans say I can” money principle that he teaches in the book. He says that this principle is more important than making a million dollars a year and it is the first step AND the most important financial aspect of becoming a millionaire. Really? Wow.
Now, of course I am skeptical. But I also believe that the difference between where I am right now and where I want to be is the exact same as the difference between what I know right now and what I don’t know right now. If you have gone from making $6.50 an hour as a trash man to making multiple millions a year, I absolutely know that you know some stuff that I don’t. I appreciate people who are where I want to be having the desire to teach others how to more forward. Learn more about at  He has a phenomenal (FREE) training call every Monday night at 10:00 p.m. called “The Hour to Empower”  He is my mentor; a Christian businessman.
It was absolutely funny that I could name all of my cans in the online banking app except the one I wanted to name “tithes”. Very odd. I ended up naming it “giving” because if I have to tell the whole truth, I serve on some non-profit boards and in practice, “tithe” may very well be “charity”. There are several groups doing great work that I would like to support.
Yes, we can meet at the League tonight and of course I always have some tech something or other to share… or just be encouraged to take some time to work in your Vision Diary or check out some videos. Mine or somebody elses. The point is that you are a leader. And you have to keep feeding your ability to pour into the lives of the people that you will serve with your gifts.
Blessings and see you soon if you’re on the way! … otherwise, “Let’s start where we are. Connect the dots. Go where we belong.”
We’re Interdependent. Let’s stay together.