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Yep – ANYTHING! The only problem I’ve found over the years is that a one-off tutorial will not (cannot) teach you how to integrate that software or solution with the system that you are building (or have already built) to support your particular business model and marketing strategy. For example, my business model calls for a automated sales funnel. Well, for a long time PayPal didn’t even do recurring subscriptions and when I got ready to roll out that part of my plan, the features were not available. I had to find a different payment gateway. In doing that, I needed to make sure that all of the other tools that I used would integrate with that new tool. Sometimes, it is a delicate balance of feature trade-offs. What is the methodology to evaluate requirements so that you don’t fix one thing and break another? Videos on YouTube do a lot and I learn so much there, but when your intention is to let technology automate as many parts of your operations as possible, there has an approach to that.


What if you’re ready to launch and run into a snag like that? Now you have to re-do all of the training to employees, outsources or collaborators. If you’ve done documentation, that needs to be redone too. That can cause a serious delay or stop a launch cold. What I teach is best practices and battle tested approaches to operating as efficiently and profitably as possible. Like my mentor says, sometimes upkeep can be the downfall.


Why spend hours doing something manually that could be done with the push of a button just because you don’t know how to allow systems to talk to each other and how to allow sales and marketing systems to automatically work for you instead of spending way too many hours doing things. That time could be better spent doing things that only you can do like building relationships and developing the next rung of your growth strategy. Hire The Web is an IT veteran approved, hand-selected, end-to-end tested system to have the internet do as much of your work as it can and many times at no cost.


This was the same problem with when it first launched. All of the systems worked fine alone, but when they were all put together they crashed because there was no single entity assigned to be the system integrator. In our microbusinesses, WE ARE the system integrators and the captains of our ship. Hire The Web Academy gives you the confidence to do that job well when it comes to operational efficiency.