Website First Steps

The first thing to do when deciding that you want to build a website is to purchase a domain name.  There are several places to buy a domain name,  but I have used for years.  Domain names are usually around $20 each; some much more and some much less.

Next, decide where your website will be  hosted.  I like Hostgator for hosting, although I’ve worked on a few  client sites lately and GoDaddy’s hosting is showing a lot of promise.  Recently, I needed to install demo data for a premium WordPress theme and GoDaddy changed the ExecutionTimeout  property on the server to 5 minutes, while Hostgator’s Execution Timeout is set to 30 seconds and cannot be changed on shared hosting plans.  Of course, I could upgrade to a VPS (virtual private server) account, but that seemed like an extreme solution for the 4 minutes and 30 seconds that I needed just to get the theme’s demo data.  The theme is gi-normous so the extra time is a requirement.  I contacted the theme’s support team and they helped with the install on a GoDaddy hosted sandbox so I could have a test account for the theme.  That  works for now.

My hosting recommendation remains  as  Hostgator since already have a reseller account with them and I don’t have a good enough reason to re-learn another backend at the moment.

Once you’ve purchase your domain name,  change your domain to use your website hosting company’s nameservers so that they point to the hosting provider of your choice.  This page tells you how to find your nameservers  for Hostgator:

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